• Load Solutions Inc. is an established, hardworking company. We are an all-road logistics company. Our qualified and knowledgeable sales and operation teams are involved in every aspect of the freight cycle from the initial transport request made by the customer until delivery confirmation after the shipments are safely delivered to the consignee. Each of our customers’ needs are specific and unique from every other customers’ needs. With that in mind, Load Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of services in which our customers participate in varying levels.
  • You, the customer, drive the level of participation, whether you desire a fully functional logistics solution which includes routing, load planning and optimization, or your needs include dedicated services from your distribution or manufacturing center, or whether it is to provide competitively priced, reliable common freight. We have the experience and the resources to make you successful. These customized solutions are the “blueprint” to successful partnerships between Load Solutions Inc. and it’s customers.

    Our new 21,000 square foot facility in the heart of Mississauga, is fully equipped with:
    • - Cross docking
    • - Air door
    • - Short term logistics warehousing
    • - Pick N’ Pack
    • - LTL consolidation and deconsolidation
    In addition, we now handle “white glove” deliveries and drayage.

What We offer:

Drayage Services:

Drayage is the transportation of ocean containers by truck as part of an international freight move. It involves the pick up and return of a container to the container yard, both for export (outbound) or import (inbound) traffic and is the link between the shipper or consignee, as the case may be, and the container yard.

Drayage services require close coordination with container yard operators for pick and drop appointments, with terminal operators for free container days (demurrage) and with shipping lines for free container days (detention). In all, it requires a well thought out and well planned operation.

LSI Now offers drayage services for ocean containers in ontario and quebec through a dedicated fleet.

LSI Offers excellent service standards through its service line managers, route planners and experienced drivers.

Haz certified, LSI is seamlessly available to service all your ocean drayage requirements - place your ocean container drayage orders with LSI today!!

The company also offers cross dock services for quick turnaround / trans-loading of shipments with short term storage if required. Centrally located in the GTA, the company has 24 cross docks which ensure sufficient cargo flow capacity.

Our Premises:

This enables clients to bring cargo and consolidate, import, export, deconsolidate - through our cross docking infrastructure and distribution services.

  • TL/LTL

    LSI is a contract carrier with expertise in transporting TL and LTLs in Canada and US.

    LSI is an accredited Partner Against Terrorism and Partner in Protection as well as capable of delivering in a Just in Time Environment.

    LSI is capable of delivering to ports for export and import to other countries, and particularly Mexico.

    With 40% of our fleet comprised of Temperature Control units, LSI can deliver your temperatures sensitive merchandise anywhere in North America.

    LSI is certified to pick up and haul Hazardous Materials in North America.
  • 24/7 DISPATCH

    LSI has 24/7 operation and round the clock experts waiting to assist you.

    With our expert teams your expedites and other time sensitive shipments will be at the destination even before you know it.

    With all trucks equipped with GPS navigation you can track your shipment to its exact location in real time wherever and whenever.